About the Artist

rajSculpting came rather late in life to me. As the past owner of a business that made forms for taxidermy. I took pride in knowing my product was in the homes of hunters the world over. I was enjoying retired life, playing golf daily when a cold wet winter found me in an art supply store, buying modeling clay & tools – I intended to try my hand at something I had always wanted to do.

It took me around 6 months to sculpt a rather sorry looking Sable but I was undeterred & this hobby soon became an obsession – I quit the game of golf & swung into the world of art with both feet.

I have always been driven to be the best I can possibly be in everything I’ve ever done & have never been shy about asking for advice as well as critiques. I got some fantastic advice/tips/criticism from art giants like John Banovich & Kobus Moller.

The Dallas Safari Club took a chance on me & commissioned their prestigious Peter Capstick Hunting Heritage Award – they were thrilled with my creation!

Many years have gone by since those beginnings. I find my mind is constantly flooded with ideas extending far beyond the shaping of clay – I take tremendous pride in the knowledge that so many people have put their trust in me with commissions to create their own visions in bronze – I intend to never betray that trust.

– Raj S Paul